About us

FAST PARKING SRL is a trading company founded in 2005. Since 2009, the company offers exclusive services of development, management and operation of aboveground and underground parching lots, in landscaped spaces in central and downtown areas in Bucharest. After 7 years, we have developed a solid reputation, this being evidenced both by the permanent corporate clients and thousands of casual clients served monthly.

Until now, the parking services of FAST PARKING were used by some of the biggest Romanian and foreign companies which have their headquarters in the capital’s congested areas: IBM, MC Donald’s, SANADOR Clinic, Ponderas Hospital, BRD Societe Generale, Pro Credit Bank, OTP Bank, BRD Sogelease, AEW Europe, Generali SA, Deloitte Audit, AIG Europe, Rompetrol, Petrom, Wolf Theiss, S&T Romania, Autodesk, HBO, Immofinanz etc.

We offer parching places in civilized conditions, where vehicles are fully secured. The parking lots managed by us benefits of automated systems, automaticplate numbers identification applications, and video surveillance installations. The staff that serves all the parking lot has experience in the field and receive periodic training suitable for each type of parching lots, underground or overground.

At the same time, we execute above-ground parking lots at the request of any beneficiary, depending on the specific needs, in compliance with European standards relating to these constructions, according to the laws in force. The Company holds ISO 9001 Certification, based on the experience, professionalism and personalized services offered by it.

The company FAST PARKING is in full growing and aims at acquiring as many as possible collaborations/associations with compatible and serious partners, willing to sign contracts on a medium and long term, in order to accelerate the development of this service segment, waited by most of the motorists residing or transiting through Bucharest. Considering the current crisis regarding the parking lots, we seek an accelerated development in the future, focused on the creation of residential parking lots in the large boroughs of the Capital, as well as to solve the serious traffic problems on main routes, caused by the absence of effective parking solutions.

FAST PARKING is anytime professionally ready to support the local authorities, which try for years to put into practice a parking strategy designed to make Bucharest a truly European capital. In this regard, we concluded partnerships with reputable companies that produce, sell and install the most modern and above-ground and underground parking systems, with the most varied operating modes.

FAST PARCHING gradually became a brand. There are extremely few serious operators who have focused on this area of activity. Parking lots operated by FAST PARKING are located in congested areas with great shortage of parking spaces. Investments to construct them amount to several million of Euros and will continue depending on the opportunity to develop new partnerships, both private and public.