FAST PARKING is seeking to rent / buy incorporated plots of land with an area of minimum 500 sqm, in central / downtown areas in Bucharest and major cities, located near important public institutions: office buildings, hospitals, private clinics etc. Through collaboration / association with a strong and serious partner you have the guarantee to develop a business of the future! We offer win-win partnerships for individuals and companies! We have no contracts with public institutions.

FAST PARKING plans to open in the near future and parking lots for trucks and for customers who commute to Bucharest, near the subway mouths, at the main entrances in the capital (park & ride). We also study and negotiate opportunities to locate and execute modular parking bunk in crowded areas of Bucharest. In addition, at the request of companies, we are able to arrange or administer any private parking lots.


For more information please contact us at:


  • Mobil: 0722.351.578
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